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This guide to the purchase and use of Weather Radios is dedicated to providing you with up to date and accurate information about the many radios that are currently available.

What you’ll find in here are accurate reviews of weather radios – their good points and bad points, and you will find links to sites where you can either find more information or purchase one for yourself.

You should assume that if you do buy a radio at one of these linked sites I will be paid a commission on the sale.

While it will probably be pretty obvious which weather radios I like, and offer good value, there is a good chance that I will be looking at them from a different angle than you are, so while the descriptions, specifications and features are as fair and accurate as I can make them, you may still want to look further to make sure that it really does suit your needs.

I hope that these pages help you find your way to a reliable weather radio that helps to keep you and your loved ones safe during those occasional times when the outside world gets dangerous.

I am very interested in any comments you have about the site, about your experiences with your weather radio, and any thoughts you have about weather, weather stations and weather radios.

All the best

Graham McClung

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