Midland HH50 Weather Radio

Midland HH50 Weather RadioThe Midland HH50 Pocket Weather Radio  doesn’t do very much, but it’s ideal if you are on the road. It  just finds the nearest weather radio station with the strongest signal and lets you know if there’s any problems on the way.

But quite often that’s all you need – no AM/FM reception, no alarm clock, and no fancy design – just a pocket sized radio that works very well. And you should be able to find one for less than $20.00.

So how does it work?

When you turn the HH50 on, it scans the seven NOAA weather radio frequencies and locks onto the strongest signal. Then it lets you know the details of any weather or other emergency that may be in your area. If you don’t want it on  all the time you can put it on alert mode, when it will turn itself on if an alert is broadcast.

That, and its small size (around 5 x 2 x 1″) makes it ideal if you are away from home, hiking, or in the car, particularly on long trips. It’s also great if all you need is something cheap and reliable that will warn you if you are about to be monstered by a tornado or other serious threat.

Problems?Midland HH50 Weather Radio

It does have a few disadvantages that may concern some. Since it scans for the strongest signal, it may not find the most relevant weather radio broadcast for your location. However you can override the auto scan and tune into a more appropriate station location manually.

Similarly you won’t be able to program it to receive your choice of stations using the S.A.M.E SYSTEM

You will probably need to keep extra AAA batteries handy  – it chews through them fairly fast if you have it on Alert mode. But a lot of users only use Alert mode when the forecasts or the skies suggest the threat of severe weather is high, and if used this way batteries will last a long time.



If you would prefer a small portable weather radio which lets you select the channels that your radio connects to through the SAME system, consider the Midland HH54VP (or HH54VP2 with rechargeable batteries), or the Oregon WR602. Both are reviewed here.


There’s little more to say. It’s made by Midland, who certainly know their weather radios, and you can often find it for less than $20.00. Buyers rate it highly, and apart from the rare defective radio there are no major faults. Midland’s customer service section has been very responsive over the years, and the radio comes with a standard one year warranty.

So if you just want a radio that will give you timely information on the weather in your vicinity, and can go with you anywhere, give the Midland HH50 Pocket Weather Radio some serious thought. Follow the link to find more information and a great price.

For more information on Weather Radios, visit Home Weather Stations Guide.

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